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Vi Thuy, April 25, 2015
Dear Father President and Benefactors,
On behalf of the Sisters and children with visual impairment of Vi Thuy Home for the Blind, I would like to express our special regards and greetings to Father President, and Donors.
We just completed the renovated home and had it officially blessed last March, which you may view through the photos.
Living in such a nice house, we strongly believe that it is God’s grace that shines through your incredible love.
We are enjoying a fresh, safe, and spacious environment. No longer do we have to worry about the rainy season when the dilapidated roof almost could not endure the rain flow, or about the flooding, or about sharing the same space with snakes and mice.
Especially every early morning and late evening, now we can come to pray with God in a cozy chapel without interruption or disturbance. In the chapel, we can feel very blessed. We believe God loves us so much that sometimes we think we were in our dreams, not reality.
In this new building, we wish to welcome more children with visual impairment to our care and education. Hopefully, with our care the children will have a strong faith in God, and become more optimistic and confident as their sighted peers. We believe it is your wish, too.
All is grace. I would like to express our deep gratitude to Father and Donors, as well as send you our best wishes in God’s providence. May The Trinity’s Love accompany you all the time.                                           

With gratitude, 
Sr Anna Nhung Luong

On March 28th, 2015, sisters and blind students of Vi Thuy Home for the Blind celebrated a big day of sanctification the new house. The past year was busy and dusty for the sisters and students of this place. since they had to convert their old and scattered house to a new one. They all had to suffer many kinds of noise and dirtiness. Yet finally they are rewarded, the inconvenience turn into joy and satisfaction. The house is now enlarged, it has separate rooms for specific activities, such as a dining room, a kitchen, a chapel, three classrooms, two bedrooms. It has wide corridors for the students to play and study. It also has a front yard with an attached pool where the visually impaired children can ride their tricycles around, practice orientation and mobility skills, and have fun into the water.
This place was established in 2005 by the sisters of Thu Duc Congregation of Lovers of the Holy Cross with the support of BVCF. Its major mission is to educate and take care of visually impaired children, and visually impaired children with additional disabilities in Hau Giang and nearby province in the South West. The original house was small and temporary. It had become scattered and damaged year by year. The remodeling process began in March, 2014. The project was funded by Blind Vietnamese Blind Children Foundation. Thanks to generous donors who helped us with this project, we all together are making the sisters’ and students’ dream come true day by day. The number of students is increased from nine last year to 16 by this month under the 24/7 care and supervision of the four sisters. This new house especially marks their ten years of service for the visually impaired. We believe that with this new house, the children have a nice environment to live, rehabilitate, and study with great progress.
Attending the ceremony, there were superiors and sisters of Thu Duc Congregation of Lovers of the Holy Cross and children of the shelter. The pastor of Vi Thuy parish presided over the rite of sanctification.
In the ceremony of the house opening and rite of sanctification, Sister Anna Xuan Nhung Thi Luong, the director of the shelter expressed all sisters’ and children’s sincere, cordial, and special appreciation BVCF, superiors and sisters of LHC, donors for their kind support. She also asked for the continuous support from BCVF and donors for their mission of taking care of blind children. She wished to receive more children and take care of them with the best. General Superior Anna Khan Thi Pham accepted a bunch of flowers on behalf of BVCF and sisters of LHC from the Sisters Director.
- Sr. Kim Phung Le  
You made their dreams come true!

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